What’s happening at AIIE


  • Information & Communication Technology

    Overview Information and Communication Technology, better known as ICT is an extended term for information technology (IT), which is a combination and application of three medians: IT, telecommunication and broadcast. Globalization and invention of multiple means of communication have thrown open the requirement for candidates with strong technological skills in almost every domain. The programme… Read More »
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  • Electrical Engineering

    This program is aimed at imparting knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering with a focus on infrastructure related engineering and will cover largely automation part of it. The thrust areas in engineering are electrical automation, electrical power, electrical services and energy systems. The program plans to augment teaching and research infrastructure, industrial and research… Read More »
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  • Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

    The Civil and Infrastructure Engineering program at AIIE is focussed on creating the next generation of engineers who will play a pivotal role in addressing the crucial challenges faced by our nation and society. This program emphasises on nurturing engineers who will learn to not only design, build and maintain structures that are sustainable, but… Read More »
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