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Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

civil-infraengineerThe Civil and Infrastructure Engineering program at AIIE is focussed on creating the next generation of engineers who will play a pivotal role in addressing the crucial challenges faced by our nation and society. This program emphasises on nurturing engineers who will learn to not only design, build and maintain structures that are sustainable, but also find solutions to problems which will improve the quality of people’s lives such as clean water, sanitation systems, waste management, energy solutions, and pollution control.

The program aims to develop a strong foundation in the core civil and infrastructure engineering concepts such as structures, transportation, materials, water systems, energy etc. The comprehensive curriculum ensures that a sound understanding of the subject and its sub-disciplines is developed. Equal emphasis is placed on practical work in the form of laboratory classes, project work, surveying fieldwork, and site visits. The Studio Club, through its innovative activities has made learning engineering fun and interesting.

The program is taught by faculty members with extensive academic, research and consultancy expertise and experience in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. The learning experience is further enhanced by continuous interaction with industry, with several practising engineers and experts from Adani Group giving expert lectures, thereby bringing the real, ground reality of civil and infrastructure engineering to the classroom.

The program through its activities is committed to ensuring that our students are ready to meet the infrastructure challenges of tomorrow!

Download Curriculum for Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Program.

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