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Dr. Karthik Balasundaram


Assistant Professor – Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Ph.D. – Environmental Engg, (IIT-Kanpur), M.Tech – Environmental Engg (IIT–Kanpur), B.E. – Civil Engineering

Dr. Karthik Balasundaram is working as Assistant Professor, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at AIIE since September 2017. He has worked with ERM India private limited as an Assistant Consultant in the contaminated site management area. He has wide experience in environmental monitoring and auditing.

  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Physico-chemical/biological processes for waste water treatment
  • Decentralized/In-situ waste treatment methods
  • Resource recovery with emphasis on recycling and reuse
  • Ph.D in Environmental Engineering from IIT Kanpur
  • M.Tech in Environmental Engineering from IIT Kanpur
  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University

From September 2008 to July 2010: Worked with ERM India Pvt Ltd, as Asst. Consultant. The job profile involved

  1. Conducting Phase1 and Phase 2 Environmental Audits
  2. Conducting Environmental Risk Assessment Audits
  3. Conducting ISO 14001 Audits
  4. Conducting Environmental Due Diligence Audits
  1. Karthik Balasundaram and Mukesh Sharma “Investigations into thiol-impregnated CaCO3-based adsorbent for mercury removal: a full factorial design approach” RSC Adv, 2015, 5, 73868.
  2. Karthik Balasundaram and Mukesh Sharma “Concurrent removal of elemental mercury and SO2 using a thiol impregnated CaCO3-based adsorbent: A full factorial design study” (Under Review)
  3. Adsorbents for removal of mercury from flue gas of coal-based thermal power plants : A review. (Under Review)

Conference publications

  1. Karthik Balasundaram and Mukesh Sharma “Development of a calcium carbonate based adsorbent for removal of vapour phase mercury” at Global Energy Technology Summit -2015, NTPC, New Delhi, India, November 2015
  2. Karthik Balasundaram and Vinod Tare “A novel sanitation model based on EcoSan philosophy” at 3rd South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN-III), New Delhi, India, November 2008.
  3. Vinod Tare, Karthik Balasundaram and Amit Mehrotra “Evaluation of a Novel Sanitation Model Based on EcoSan Philosophy” at 34th WEDC Conference held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 2009.