Whats Happening at AIIM

Kunal Sharma


PGPIM Fourth Batch, 2012-13

Assistant Manager (Project Coordinator), Adani Agri Logistics Ltd.

Whatever knowledge I have gained from AIIM, I’m using it practically in my current profession. I must say that the way in which lectures were taken were more practical and even today I can relate to what all my professors has been speaking or sharing through their practical experience in totality. The professors (both regular and visiting) were having invaluable practical experience of working with big corporates and I feel lucky for being taught by them.

Being Engineer, I was not well acquainted with the subjects like economics or finance and accounts, since, they were taught in such a fantastic way that I understood them very well and helping me tremendously to grow to Manager Position.

I’m having no doubt in my mind that I have enjoyed that one year in studying academics and also the accommodation and support by administration is at par. I will take this opportunity to thank once again all my professors and staff of AIIM for imparting knowledge on best possible way.

First Employment Post PGPIM: Assistant Manager (Project Coordinator), Adani Agri Logistics Ltd.