What’s Happening at AIIM

Pranay Surakanti


PGPIM Third Batch, 2011-12

Manager – PFG, L & T Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd.

I came to AIIM with a goal in mind. Infrastructure sector is not as glamorous as technology or ecommerce, but I felt it is much more important to the country and a sector with great potential. I lacked an engineering background which I thought was necessary for an infrastructure career. With my background in finance and infrastructure education received at AIIM I aimed to get into an infrastructure financing role. It also helped that the school enlisted faulty from renowned institutes to come and teach at AIIM.

The experience at the school was better than I had hoped for. I saw a distinct line between my learning experience at AIIM and the one before that. The more seasoned professors brought their own experience gained from consulting assignments, to the classroom. We learnt from case studies based in India, something which I doubt would have been done at other B-schools. This gave me a sense of perspective on the evolution of infrastructure policy and regulation in India, and how India has learnt from it’s mistakes in setting up private sector led development of infrastructure in India.

I received exposure to every major infrastructure sector in the country and the policy framework behind it. Today when I look at any new project, I am able to fit it into that framework and understand the inherent risks that this project is exposed to and how to mitigate them.

With the help of Dr. Dholakia, I achieved my goal by getting placed at a reputed infrastructure finance company. I enjoy my work immensely here and everything I have learnt at AIIM has helped me in some form. This learning is especially helpful for giving me a headstart on any new sector where the exposure within the organisation is low. With the infrastructure sector looking up again, I look forward to the Institute becoming a renowned name across the sector.

First Employment Post PGPIM: Manager – PFG, L & T Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd.