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Continuous Education Programmes

Many European Business Schools and some American Business Schools have been offering a One-Year full time Executive MBA Programme for over two decades now. Until recently, the Business Schools in India were offering only Two-Year MBA Programmes. However, in recent years, several reputed Indian Business Schools have also launched One-Year Post Graduate Programmes and many of these programmes are very well received by both participants as well as recruiters.

However, all One-Year programmes currently being offered by Indian Business Schools are essentially General Management Programmes. Some Business Schools offer One-Year programmes with specialization in either Ports & Shipping, or Oil & Gas, but no reputed foreign or Indian Business School offers full time One-Year Programme covering the entire spectrum of infrastructure and allied sectors. PGPIM aims at filling this gap.

AIIM offers a series of Short Duration Programmes for Executives at both senior as well as middle management levels.

AIIM has already designed and offered the following Management Development Programmes:

  • Emerging Leadership Programme
  • Business Leadership Programme
  • Emerging Leadership Programme – Part-II
  • Enhancing Accounting and Finance Acumen
  • Top Management Programme on Business Strategy and Leadership

AIIM has so far trained around 616 Executives in 33 different Programmes.

Management Development Programme on Finance for Non-Finance Executives

Three-day residential Programme for Executives

Dates: 18, 19 & 20 of July, 2019

Why is this required?

Finance is said to be the life line of every business; and for good reason too! Being a key resource, it requires managers to be financially savvy, for them to be able to take the right business decisions.
Be it familiarity of financial jargons and ratios, quick inference of financial sheets, sharp understanding of the dynamics of cost control and nuances of pricing or communicating financial implications to fellow managers and juniors.

Hence, the Finance for Non Finance-Executives can be profoundly effective in upgrading the financial skills of a manager; and consequently the performance of the business.

This 3 day, full time residential programme is delivered in an easy to understand manner, using case studies to create a highly practical experience for managers for immediate upgradation of skills required in the business environment.

Objective & Learning Outcomes:

The objective of the programme is to enable participants – executives from different functional areas, to:

  1. Understand various and multiple terminologies in financial sheets.
  2. Enhance their understanding and interpretation of data contained in financial sheets.
  3. Construct and report financial statements, and build cost controls.
  4. Evaluate managerial choices of alternative accounting practises.
  5. Advance their financial decision making abilities, and understanding its cascading impacts better.

MDP Brochure on Finance for Non-Finance Executives
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