What’s Happening at AIIM

Elective Course Package

Institute plans to offer wide range of electives in the field of infrastructure and its various functional areas. The students are required to opt for elective courses adding upto seven credits. The tentative list of electives planned is given below. It may be noted that the actual electives on offer may be different.

Course Title

  1. Urban Planning & Management
  2. Real Estate Management
  3. Managing Oil & Gas Business
  4. Managing Electricity Business
  5. Managing SEZs in India
  6. Transport Infrastructure
  7. Managing NGOs
  8. Carbon Finance
  9. Port Management and Finance
  10. Renewable Sources of Energy
  11. Advanced Topics in Real Estate Finance
  12. Oil & Gas Accounting & Taxation
  13. Managing LNG Business
  14. Energy Trade & Risk Management
  15. City Gas Distribution (CGD) Business
  16. Healthcare Management
  17. Enterprise and Innovations in Education
  18. Hospital Management
  19. Leadership Development
  20. Information Technology for Infrastructure Business
  21. System Analysis and Simulation
  22. Managing Financial Institutions
  23. Management Control System
  24. Working Capital Management in Infrastructure Business
  25. Strategy in Emerging Markets
  26. Foundations of Strategy Consulting
  27. Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  28. Management of Intellectual Property rights
  29. Economic Analysis for Infrastructure Business
  30. Entrepreneurship and New Venture Planning
  31. Sustainability and Infrastructure
  32. Strategic Operations in Infrastructure
  33. WTO & International Trade
  34. Public Finance
  35. Mergers & Acquisitions
  36. Private Equity and Venture Capital
  37. Manufacturing and Infrastructure
  38. Rural Infrastructure
  39. Public Economics and Infrastructure
  40. Advance Contracts Management & Bidding