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Dr. Preeta Vyas


Associate Professor (Visiting)

Phd in Business Management, MBA, B.com. with Statistics,Visharad(B.A. music)

Dr. Preeta Vyas holds MBA (Marketing) and PhD in Business Management from Gujarat University. She received a Gold Medal for scholastic performance in Statistics during graduation. She has worked for more than 3 decades in the Marketing Area at IIMA. She has taught courses like Marketing Management and Advertising & Sales Promotion Management at IIMA and also at other B-schools in India including IIM Indore as a Visiting Faculty. She has written a number of case studies in Marketing which are registered with IIMA case unit. She has participated in several international conferences and presented research papers in US, Singapore and IIMA. She has consulted SEWA(NGO) on two projects and had been a trainer for their ( SEWA Academy) Training Programmes.

  • Phd in Business Management, Gujarat University(1995).
  • MBA from B.K. School of Business Management, Gujarat University (1979)
  • Bcom with Statistics(1977)
  • Visharad(B.A. music) in vocal classical Music.

Courses :Marketing Management, Advertising & Sales Promotion Management, International Marketing, Service Marketing, Business Development in Infrastructure Sector.


  • Taught Marketing in 15 Adani Emerging Leadership Programme (AELP) 2011-2014.
  • Taught Marketing at IIMA MDPs for top management of SEWA & dealers of BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Company Ltd.)

Her current research interests include marketing communication practices of Infrastructure Sector companies, applications of marketing principles and development of case studies in marketing & business development.

List of Publications by Dr. Preeta H. Vyas

    1. Journal Publications:
      • “Net based promotions: Practices, Prospects and Challenges ,” Electronic CommereceResearch,5:401-424,2005.(co-author) http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10660-005-1182-6
      • “Incentive outlay ratios in Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector” Vikalpa, October- December 2005.
      • “Sales Promotion: Does it work?” Indian Management, September 2002.
      • “Joint Sales Promotion Prospects and issues”, IIMB Management review ,Sept 2004.
      • “Evolution and challenges of Indian Petro Retailing” Mastermind, ICFAI Publication, October,2005. (Co-author).
      • “Managing Durable goods sales promotion” Advertising Express, July 2005, ICFAI Publication.
      • “Measuring Consumer Preferences for Sales Promotion Schemes in FMCG Sector in an emerging market: India” The Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, December, 2005.
      • “Net-based promotions: Practices, Prospects and Challenges”, Indian Management, October 2003, Vol. 42, Issue 10.(co-authored).
    2. Case Studies:
      • Evolution of Fortune brand Communications of Adani Wilmar, Published in Asean Case Research Journal, Singapore. VOL. 19, ISSUE 1, 155–181 (2015).
      • Rudi SEWA: Marketing Challenges
      • Zyantra: Innovative Corporate gift Solutions Comapny
      • Savli Biotech SEZ: Business Development
      • Exploring opportunity for Coastal Shipping of Agro Commodities
      • Consumer Complaint handling at Adani Gas
      • Customer satisfaction measurement at Adani Gas Ltd.
      • B2B Customer acquisition and retention practices at Adani Gas Ltd
      • Scope of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) in Coastal Shipping of Agro Commodities*

(Cases written/co-authored at IIMA):

    • Sugarfree Published in Viakalpa, IIMA
    • Teaching note for the case “Sugarfree”
    • Jeevika : Networking opportunity for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives
    • Reliance Industries Ltd.(RIL)’s Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) Initiatives
    • Marketing Communications of Nokia in case of recall of Batteries
    • Teaching Note for Marketing Communications in Crisis: Nokia’s recall of Batteries
    • Emami’s Fair & Handsome (Published in Vision) and Teaching Note(registered at IIMA)
    • Jeevika- A midterm assessment of livelihood security project
    • Voltas-“India ka dil, India ka AC”
    • Xplora Design Skool: India’s Premier Vocational Multimedia Education Company
    • Reliance Infocomm: Relince India Mobile (RIM)
    • Shopper’s Stop: The One-stop Shopping Experience
    • Navneet Publications Ltd.
    • Zarna’s sales promotion Practices
    • Promotions in Washing Machines Industry
    • Akai TV
    • Promotions by Internet service providers
    • Illustrations Of sales promotions- Aptech computers, Citibank credit card.
    • Core Healthcare Ltd.(A)
    • Core Healthcare (B)
    • India Tea Ltd.(B)
    • Gujarat Steel Tubes Ltd.
    • India Needles Ltd.
    • Maruti Udyog Ltd.
    • Indus Valley Basmati Rice
    • Orind Industries
    • Symphony Air Coolers
    • Central India Cement Ltd.
    • Patel Hospital Ltd.
    • Bingo Brands (A)
    • Bingo Brands(B) & (C)
    • MMTC Ltd.
    • ISGEC Ltd.
    • Britannina Khao World Cup Jao
    • IPL (A), (B), (C), (D)
    • Chemical Products Ltd.(A), (B), (C)
    • Demand for Two Wheelers
    • Crown TV: Pricing Dilemma
    • Illustrations on Sales and Distribution Management
    • Marketing Strategies: Jindal Steel Mills
    • Lotus Thread Co. Ltd.(E)
  1. Books & Manuscripts:
    • “Building a brand in International/Global markets” published in a Book of Proceeding of Sessions of BOMA National management Convention 1988 – Theme “Facing Challenges of Globalization”.
    • Case Study “Zarna Sales Promotion practices”, published in a Book titled Selected Papers and Proceedings of the AIMS Seventh Annual Management Education Convention, 1995.
  2. Conference Proceedings:
    • Invited to present a paper coauthored” An exploratory study of Health Infrastructure in India vis-à-vis Asain Countries” on May 23 2015 in ICSSH in Newyork, USA.
    • Presented a paper titled” Key Account Management Practices” at International Conference for Execellence in Research at IIM ,Indore , May 8-11,2014.
    • Presented a paper titled” Business Development Practices at Adani Power “ in IAMB International conference at San Antanio, US in January 2013.
    • Presented a paper titled” Challenges of Customer Orientation and Individual Performance in Infrastructure Sector” in ICET, 2012 at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar.(Co-authored)
    • Presented a paper titled” Perceptions and Preferences of Mobile Advertising in India” – for4th IIMA international conference in January 2011
    • Presented a paper titled “Loyalty Programmes: Practices, Avenues and Challenges” in 3rd IIMA International conference ,in January 2009.
    • Presented a paper titled” DSS in organized retail grocery sector” in 2nd IIMA Conference On Research in Marketing, 2007 scheduled on 3-5,January 2007.
    • Presented a paper tilted,” DSS in apprel retail sector” in APAMB conference held at Singapore management Institute on 5-7 march 2007.
    • Presented a paper titled ,” Measuring Consumer Preferences for Sales Promotion Schemes in FMCG Sector in an emerging market: India,’’ in The Economics and International Business Research Conference held at Maimi, US in December,2005.
    • Invited to present the paper titled” Incentive outlay ratios in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector”, at Las Vegas in IAMB(International Academy of Management and Business), US,November 7-11, 2004.
    • Presented a paper titled” Practices, Perceptions and Avenues of Net Based Promotions” in ICECRC6 at Dallas, US, October, 2003.(co-authored)
    • Presented a seminar to the International Participants at Strathclyde Business School, Scotland on 14th June 2002 on” Sales Promotion Practices of FMCG sector in India.”
    • Presented a paper titled “An Exploratory Study of Sales Promotions in Toilet Soap Category: An insight into retailers and consumer perceptions.” at ESCP-EAP Business School, Paris on 4th June 2002 in a conference organised by CERIDICE
    • Invited to make a presentation of a case study, “Zarna’s Sales Promotion Practices” at the 7th Annual Management Convention on “Liberalised Economy and Quality of Life: Challenges for Management” organized by AIMS at IIM, Calcutta from August 23 to 26, 1995.
    • Won the FIRST prize in the Best Research Paper Competition organised by the Association of All India Management Schools, in August 1994 held at MDI, Gurgaon on a paper “Avenues for Joint Sales Promotion in India” (co authored).
  3. Working papers:
    • AIIM,WP No. 2014, 12, Key Acconut Management Practices.
    • AIIM, WP.No. 2013, 11, The Role of a BD Manager.
    • AIIM, WP. No. 2013,10 ,Non Major ports of India & Gujarat; Business Development Challenges. Challenges.
    • AIIM, WPNo. 2013 ,09, Corporate Logo Change:Study of stakeholder perceptions.
    • AIIM,WP No. 2012 08, Challenges of Customer orientation and individual performance: A case from infrastructure sector(Co-authored)
    • AIIM, WP No. 2012 07, Business development practices at Adani Power
    • IIMA Working Paper W.P. No. 2012-06-08, June 2012,”Key Account Management”
    • IIMA Working Paper No.1386, “Trends in Sales Promotion Literature.” (Co-author).
    • Reviewed a Book titled “Marketing Mantra: The Real Story of Direct Marketing in India” in Alumnus, Vol.31, No.1, Jan./Feb. 1999.
    • Reviewed a Book titled “Product Design and Test Marketing of Information Products/Services”, in Alumnus, Vol.32, No.2, May/June 2000.
    • IIMA working Paper No. 2002-07-02,” An Exploratory study of Sales Promotion activities in Toilet a. Soap Category: An Insight into Consumer and Retail Perceptions” (co-author)
    • IIMA W.P. No. 2005-09-08” Measuring Consumer Preferences for Sales Promotion Schemes through a. Conjoint Design in FMCG Sector”.
    • IIMA W.P. No. 2004-06-07,” Classification of Empirical Work on Sales Promotion: A Synthesis for a. Managerial Decision Making”.
    • IIMA working paper No. 2007-06-04, “ DSS (Decision Support systems) in Indian Organised Retail a. Sector” June 2007.(Chapter of a book titled” Handbook of Research on Information Communication
    • Technologies and Globalization of Retailing Applications” published by IGI Global – (Disseminator of Knowledge Since 1988)(formerly “Idea Group Inc.”)
    • IIMA W.P. no.2007-07-01,” Indian Organised Apparel Retail Sector and DSS” July 2007
    • IIMA W.P. no. 2007-07-11 , “Loyalty Programme Applications in Indian Service Industry” , July 2007
    • IIMA W.P. no. 2007-11-02,”Sales Promotion Practices in Apparel Retail Sector& Challenges Ahead” October 2007.(Chapter of a book titled “Customer Relationship Management in Retail”, published by ICFAI, India)
    • IIMA W.P. no. 2008-12-01,” Loyalty Programmes: Practices, Avenues and Challenges” (Co-authored)
    • IIMA W.P. no. 2007-11-02,”Sales Promotion Practices in Apparel Retail Sector& Challenges Ahead” October 2007.(Chapter of a book titled “Customer Relationship Management in Retail”, published by ICFAI, India)