AIIM Research Speaker Series


We are thrilled to commence AIIM Research Speaker Series, an engaging platform to create a healthy dialogue around the current infrastructure and general management research agenda followed by eminent academic institutions and think-tanks across the country . Our first lecture was held on January 8th, on the implementation of Section 12 1 C of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2009. We focused on the role of implementation agencies, which helped us systemically break down and understand the policy.

The interactive lecture was spearheaded delivered by three researchers from IIM-A—Nisha Vernekar, Karan Singhal, and Ishu Gupta. Through the AIIM Research Speaker Series, we aim to create an environment for knowledge dissemination and increase awareness about Infrastructure Management Research in leading academic and research institutions, while engaging the community of knowledge builders in a productive dialogue.

AIIM Research Speaker Series delivered by Dr. Hardik Vachhrajani, Senior development advisor, The Sustain Group, Australia, and a fellow of Australian Institute of Management.

The Discussion highlighted the importance of infrastructure in nation’s development and how it can be used as tool of control. Based on the reading the discussion lead on how countries like India and Australia should respond.