Expert Talk on Are we communicating right? by Ms. Sushama Oza


Ms. Sushama Oza (Director, Strategy & Sustainability, Adani Foundation) visited the campus on Tuesday 11th December 2018. She shared her expert views on the topic – “Are we communicating right?” – a question which made all of us think and rethink on the minute details we miss before indulging in a conversation.

The key take-aways from the session are:

Intention and Perception

What we intent to communicate and what a person perceives might be different because of bias in a form of subtle bias, stereotyping or body shamming.

We are what we consume

What we consume or see repeatedly we tend to become that.  Eg. Whatever we observe on social media we tend to develop our thinking on it.

Baseline expectations.

In any organizations we need to develop mutual respect for one and all, also be inclusive towards gender differencesThis is not a boy’s dorm.

In order to develop it, we need to go through a Self-Filter (A very important filter to be applied before communicating with anyone) ask ourselves “Would I say this about my own mother/father?“.  Self-filtering helps to prevent damage to our connections with anyone.

P.O.S.H. (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) at the workplace

What a victim has perceived is more important than intentions by the doer. If we are not sensitive we can damage our relation with the communicator.

Apart from Communicating with the right perspective and intention, and checking whether it has been perceived in the same way it was intended is the most important step. Taking absolute care of this step can build a healthy environment irrespective of the gender we are communicating to.


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