Expert Talk on Gains and Pains of Mergers and Acquisitions by Mr. Nitin Parekh


Mr. Nitin Parekh, CFO, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., having a brilliant academic and professional career, an MBA from prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, who has won many Gold medals in university exams, several awards as Best CFO from ICAI, ICFAI which are amongst many of his academic and professional achievements, delivered a talk on “Gains and Pains of Mergers and Acquisitions” on 26th November, 2018 at AIIM, out of his vast pool of knowledge and experience.

He enlighten the audience comprising aspiring infra managers and Adani executives on different aspects of M&A like:

  • Life cycle of M&A including leads to post-merger integration
  • The rationale behind an M&A: Access to market, business growth, consolidation, diversification, the economy of scale and scope, financial benefits etc.
  • Different aspects of Due diligence
  • Deal valuation- Methodology and how to value synergy
  • Deal negotiation and Deal structuring
  • A few mega M & A deals with rationale, value and lessons learnt
  • Pains of M & A like aggressive strategy of growing organically and value destructions in case of overpay.
  • Risks associated with M&A and problems faced during post-merger integration.
  • Legal aspects of M&A and its importance

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