METANOIA Inauguration Ceremony


The Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (AIIM) is proud to launch the creativity and communication club, Metanoia. The inauguration ceremony of METANOIA (Creativity & Communication Club of AIIM) accompanied by an interaction with Mr. Satyam Trivedi. The session threw important insights on the importance of communication and how it is critical now more than ever before when it comes to establishing and maintaining Corporate Reputation. Mr. Satyam Trivedi highlights professional communication necessary impetus in pushing towards brand journey, reputation, and corporate communication to corporate brand custodian, brand personality, brand tone & manner, scale of communication, growth with goodness, thumb rule, crisis management & rules of crisis management. The degrees of clarity and feasibility of one’s intentions behind communicating something are the determining factors of the impact one is making in people’s lives and society at large (spreading a new idea without proper plan to enhance human life doesn’t work today). And if one internalizes this golden concept, one can grow leaps & bounds in the corporate world and can add true value to the society.


Apart from the above value additions, Mr. Satyam shared numerous experiences of his unshakeable belief in the brand of Adani has done wonders to his career development. Not working for the brand but working as a brand is the key to success.

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