Mr. Bala K. Subramaniam


Leadership series is an initiative to invite Infrastructure Industry Leaders to share challenges, best practices & views on the current and emerging trends in the Infrastructure sector with our budding managerial students.

As part of our on-going industry interaction activities, it was a pleasure to have with us Mr. Bala K. Subramaniam who most recently has been the Executive Director, Adani Shipping Pte Ltd., Singapore and Director Adani Global Pte. Ltd., Singapore. He retired from active service of the group on 1 April 2016.

Mr. Bala K.Subramaniam graduated from the Marine Engineering College, Calcutta and further studied at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA graduating in Naval Architecture ,Shipping and Ship Building Management. With over fifteen years of experience in the International Maritime Industry in Ship operations and management, he served the United Nations for 23 years as a Principal Adviser to the Secretary General of UNCTAD and Senior Maritime Specialist (ILO and World Bank) gaining experience in development problems of developing countries relating to ports, shipping, multi-modal transport, transport logistics and facilitation with particular reference to operational, institutional and organisation development issues.

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