Project Management Session by Mr. Jatinder Bhatnagar, President and COO (Thermal division)


Highlights of the session : 

  1. What is project?
  • A project can be considered to be any series of activities and task.
  1. What is Project Management?
  • A dynamic process that utilities the appropriate resources of the organization in a controlled and structured manner, to achieve some clearly defined objective
  1. Project Management Process
  • Project Initiation,
  • Project Planning,
  • Project Execution,
  • Project Monitoring and Control,
  • Project Closure.
  1. Project Management Techniques.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Bar/Gantt Charts
  • Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
  • Earned Value Management System (EVMS)
  1. Adani Project Management Methodology

During Pre Award Stage project management team associated with other departments to finalize:

  • Need of Project,
  • Project Schedule,
  • Project Budget,
  • Project Clearances,
  • Risk Register,
  • Manpower & Resource Planning


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