What’s Happening at AIIM

Center of Excellence

Center of Financial Reporting & MIS (CFRM)

Prof. Amit Shrivastava

As part of the AIIM, the Center of Financial Reporting and MIS (CFRM) will provide the accounting community with opportunities to get involved in the development of academic programs, research and professional activities. The Center will serve to enhance interaction between faculty, practitioners, standard-setters, regulators, and business leaders.

Centre will report on the following:

  1. Periodical financial reports
  2. Periodical costing & Budget reports
  3. Cases, Monographs, Teaching Notes & Research Articles

Organizing conferences and educational programs for the benefit of practitioners, AIIM accounting faculties, students, and alumni.
Consulting on an ongoing basis with its Executive Committee, comprised of leaders from accounting firms and corporations.
Overseeing and implementing improvements to accounting curriculum of the Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Infrastructure Management) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Infrastructure Management).

Facilitator: Dr. Malay Mahadevia, Director AIIM Ahmedabad

Head: Dr. Amit Shrivastava, Faculty-Accounting & Finance .AIIM.

Associates: One Research Associate/Academic Associate (To be appointed), and one Editor (To be hired for language correction and editing of the documents)

Advisory Board: All faculty members of Accounting & Finance area, AIIM

Center conducts multiple research & training activity in the area of Financial Reporting/Managerial Accounting

  • Working Papers
  • Management Development Programmes