Adani Institue
Adani Institute of Infrastructure (AII)

ASPIRE-2018: Annual Sports & Cultural Extravaganza

Ignite their passion, Illuminate their hope,

Exhilarate to give their best while inspiring the society

“Aspire”, the aspiration of collaborating the youth of India at Adani Institute of Infrastructure, Ahmedabad by providing a platform to ‘ignite’, ‘illuminate’, and ‘exhilarate’ their passion to achieve something big.

Aspire, with its inception in the year 2017 has witnessed diverse participants, performers, and patrons who collaborated with a common cause of achieving a positive sustenance for the youth. Aspire, a student-driven activity, looks forward to benchmark its previous editions to do something better than before, always… To achieve this competitive advantage, Aspire believes in collaborations with the youth and it would be our privilege to host the youth of your institute at Aspire 2018 on 19, 20, 21, and 22nd February .


  • CRICKET – The most elegant of outdoor games is here – the one which is not just a sport but an emotion for the entire nation! It’s time to get out of the crowd and get on to the field! Gather your team of 11 and hit it out of the park.
  • FOOTBALL – The sport which occupies the hearts of billions in this world! Football-enthusiasts, are you ready to outscore your opponent by kicking the ball through the goalpost? What are you waiting for? Put on your studs and shin-pads to get ready for some gruesome tackles!
  • VOLLEYBALL – Now is the time to rise and strike the ball over the net before your opponent volleys it back! Volleyball enthusiasts – Come and be a part of this grand event!
  • BADMINTON – The sport that has always resonated among the youth – it’s here! Badminton enthusiasts – Time has come to grab your rackets and smash your way to the grand win!
  • CHESS – Are you ready to exercise your brain and churn your hidden intellect? Make your moves to ‘check & mate’ your opponent – Come and be the victorious king!
  • TUG OF WAR – The sport that directly puts you against your opponent in a challenge of strength and energy! Are you ready for the hurdle and pull it in?
  • TABLE TENNIS – Get ready for the most sought after sport for college goers – the one that tests your precision and swiftness while warming you up inside out! Get ready to play it back and forth over the net and smash your opponent out!


  • VOCAL OPERA (Music) – Where words fail, music speaks! Let your soul speak the language of music and drown the audience in the magic of your melody! Come and showcase your instrumental and vocal talents!
  • FOOT-FLIT (Dance) – Dance is the language to express your soul! Flit your foot and move your hands to the beats to mesmerize the audience! Come and showcase your talent by letting your soul speak the language of dance!
  • HIPPODROME (Theatre) – Imagine yourself to be the character your ‘aspire’ to be in a world where you ‘aspire’ to live in! Isn’t it what Theatre is all about? Come and showcase your acting and mimicry skills to make the audience drown in your imaginary world!
  • CONFAB (Public Speaking) – The power of words has the ability to change this world! Are you ready to debate, argue and express by speaking your heart out? Come and flaunt your oratory skills to prove your point!
  • ART-EDGE (Fine Arts) – Creativity is something that poses more importance than knowledge or intellect since it is the one that brings this world out of traditional boundary by making us think out of the box! And the biggest thing about Creativity is that it is contagious! Showcase your creative talents and let others get infected by your artistic capabilities! Come and be a part of the Fine Arts Event!
  • VOGUE (Fashion Show) – More than your clothes, the way you speak and walk define your true sense of fashion! Style is a way of expressing your character and is something which has a language of its own! Flaunt your fashion through traditional attire or trendy outfits and let your style speak for you! Come and be a part of the Fashion Show event!