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Two Day Management Development Programme – Organizational Behavior

Interpersonal Effectiveness and Leadership Styles

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Why is this required?

Unrelenting changes in the business and social environment have made human behaviour ever so complex and challenging to understand. Managers however need to override this challenge and understand why people behave the way they do. This, by first appreciating the complex nature of individuals, and second, by being able to identify causes and effects of individual behaviours. Collective behaviour of individuals within an organization has a profound effect on business performance, for better or worse.

While understanding behaviour in the context of organisations, it is pertinent for managers to build awareness and reflect upon their own management styles. With appropriate self‐ awareness and self-assessment tools, a manager can work towards building and improving the basic tenets of effective leadership and management aspects. These skills can further be utilized in developing strategies for managing a variety of specific interpersonal situations faced by a current day manager.

Hence, this two day, full time residential MDP on Interpersonal Effectiveness and Effective Leadership Styles can be profoundly effective in preparing managers for middle and senior management roles in the organization and impacting business performance. After all not just one’s knowledge, but one’s relationships is what brings builds a strong base for organizational success.